The Gathering Storm


“Amidst concerns about the world economy, the transparency and understanding of finance and indeed with a desire to try to help the world at a time of economic difficulty. Thus the concept of “The Gathering Storm” was created by Lee Robinson, a leading credit hedge fund manager based in Monaco.

The book has developed rapidly during the summer of 2010, based on a simple format: a series of leading managers and analysts have given their time free of charge to contribute a chapter. Each author then nominates a charity which will receive a portion of the revenues. The Gathering Storm has been published at cost, so all surplus revenues (not merely author royalties) will be donated to the charities which support a broad range of good causes throughout the world.

The Gathering Storm was a concept created by Trafalgar Asset Management co-principal Lee Robinson who organised the initial contributors and subsequently enlisted the help of Patrick L Young (trader/advisor and author of “Capital Market Revolution!” “The Promiscuous Investor,” “The Exchange Manifesto”) to bring the project to fruition.

A unique perspective on world economics and markets has been created by a truly remarkable group of individuals who all managed to discern the gathering storm about to hit financial markets before the ‘credit crunch’ and subsequent market ructions.

Like so many things related to financial markets, events moved rapidly. Indeed this entire project has been completed in a fairly remarkably brief period throughout what was a rather hectic summer!

The end result is a book we hope you will find stimulating and educational as well as entertaining in parts. Thanks to some specialist partners in PR, accounting and so forth, the total cost of The Gathering Storm has been kept to an absolute minimum, allowing more money to be distributed to charity. (Note that _all_ profits are going to charity, including the publisher’s profit, not merely the author’s royalties). Perhaps most importantly of all, by purchasing this book we thank you for assisting a broad range of charities throughout the world which have been nominated by the contributors themselves.

Order the book here

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